Dear World,
You sent us Newton. We sent you gravity.
You sent us Darwin. We sent you evolution. You sent us William and Samuel. We sent you Wordsworth and Coleridge. What will we send next? A postal test for depression? A swallowable test for cancer? A theory of everything? For eight centuries, our impact on the world has been huge. But to impact all our futures, we need your support. Yours, Cambridge.


Yours, Cambridge

Our ideas and innovations have shaped the world.
Our campaign, 'Dear World... Yours, Cambridge', will raise £2 billion
to help us shape all our futures.


Students climbing a spiral staircase in a College
For 800 years, the world has invested in Cambridge and Cambridge has delivered. We gave you gravity, evolution, computers and pulsars. Next we could deliver clean energy sources, longer lives, quantum computers and parallel universes. But first we need to ask more from the world.
Sir James Dyson. Image courtesy of the James Dyson Foundation
Because the best invention to come out of Cambridge is Cambridge itself. This University is a machine for thinking. Our collegiate structure, human scale and cross-disciplinary approach enables great minds to become more than the sum of their parts. It has led to vital breakthroughs. It can lead to more.
College scarves
Cambridge is a unique community of 31 Colleges, and home to more than 18,000 students. The Colleges are the home of our signature supervision system, where students are mentored by some of the world’s leading thinkers. Our 9,000 staff are spread across six schools and more than 150 departments, faculties and institutes.

Focus on our aspirations

For eight centuries, Cambridge has welcomed brilliant minds, set them free to collaborate and create, sending world-changing ideas in return. But we can never say: 'our work is done'. Help us ensure that our impact on the future will be as vital as our impact on the past.

A College supervision session
Teaching the next generation of leaders how to think, not what to think. Here, teaching is a two-way process, revolving around an exchange of thinking and understanding.
A Red-Eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas) sitting on a vine with green plants in the background
Creating transformational solutions to environmental challenges: a partnership between international nature conservation organisations and University researchers.
Conservators Rebecca Goldie, Mary French, and Emma Nichols examine a Lewis-Gibson fragment
Home to many of the world’s most significant collections, Cambridge is driving efforts to appreciate, understand and conserve many more beyond its borders.
Two women walking in the countryside
Pigeon-holing mental illness as ‘psychiatric’ means patients receive inadequate treatment. We want to change that.
Students in front of one of our Colleges
There are thousands of students out there who could make their mark on the world.
Super conductor
Making possible a new generation of discoveries that provide affordable, clean energy for everyone on the planet for generations to come.
A doctor giving a patient a CT scan
As threats to health become more complex and interconnected, so too will the solutions we develop to combat them.
A Cambridge-Africa Programme workshop in Tanzania
Supporting a new generation of outstanding researchers to create an African research culture.

Gift announcements

Cambridge owes its world-leading excellence in research and teaching to the generosity of its supporters. Our history is synonymous with a history of far-sighted benefaction, and the same is as true today as it has ever been.

Gift announcement
Magdalene College recently celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the Mandela Magdalene scholarships which support graduates from South Africa in pursuing postgraduate study at Cambridge.  
Gift announcement
Philanthropic support of £5m from Cantab Capital Partners, establishes the Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information.

Impact of giving

Philanthropic giving is at the heart of the success of the Collegiate University, enabling us to make discoveries that change the world and to ensure that our students received an unrivalled education.

The new Laboratory of Molecular Biology at Addenbrooke's hospital
Philanthropic impact story
At any one time, more than 1000 clinical trials are being conducted across the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, the largest gathering of clinical, pharmaceutical and biomedical research specialists in Europe. Clinical trials are a crucial step in the design of new medicines and medical devices – translating an idea that started in a research laboratory into a new treatment for patients.
Faculty of Law
Philanthropic impact story
As new research and technologies transform medicine, so too they change the nature of health issues, medico-legal dilemmas and the realities of health care systems, from consent and confidentiality to public health and biosecurity.