Dear World,
Our ideas have shaped the world.
Now we must shape its future.

Yours, Cambridge

Our planet faces new and daunting challenges. Our ideas and insights are needed to solve them. But to attract the finest minds, and give them the resources they need, we need the world’s support.

Our goal

£1.5 billion
£2 billion

Yours, Cambridge

Featured priorities

Students Kiran Singh Jolly James Downs and Courtney Daniella
What matters most to us? That all students with potential to excel have a chance to study at Cambridge and its Colleges, not just some.
Sir David Attenborough (image by Cate Gillon)
Creative solutions to environmental challenges
Scientists working
Working to improve outcomes for patients everywhere
Public Policy
Linking Cambridge’s world-leading research with policymaking to create an inclusive, equitable and sustainable world.


Casey Millward, Carol Ibe and Francis Heil standing outside the brick wall of the University Librar UL
Grad students are the lifeblood – and future – of the University. So what attracts the world’s very best to Cambridge? Academic excitement, a global perspective – and outstanding student support.
Anwar Jaber
"Our buildings and cities play a major role in who we think we are – they contribute towards our collective consciousness and identity as a nation. Under political conflict such as in Palestine, the role of the built environment becomes even more significant as it expresses a form of national identity and unity."
Neil Cunningham
"More than six years ago, I came to Cambridge for my interview at Trinity. I had no training for it, had never been there and no idea what to expect, but I fell in love with Cambridge at first sight and I felt completely at home in my interview."
Girton 150 Anniversary cake
Girton’s Mistress, Professor Susan J Smith, was delighted to announce, with great gratitude, that the College has received one of the largest gifts in A Great Campaign