The 800th Anniversary Campaign

The 800th Anniversary Campaign

The University of Cambridge’s 800th anniversary was marked not only by a year-long series of celebrations but also with a record-breaking £1.2 billion fundraising campaign.

The 800th Anniversary Campaign, Transforming Tomorrow, helped build a Cambridge fit for the 21st Century, enhancing the educational experience and creating an environment in which the freedom to create continues to flourish.

Seven facts about the 800th Anniversary Campaign

More than 30 professorships were supported during the 800th Campaign

34% of funds were raised from alumni and 27% from trusts and foundations. The value of the University's trust fund permanent capital is 35% higher than would have otherwise been the case.

25% of alumni gave at some point during the campaign. Donations accounted for about one third of the capital for the University's major building projects during the campaign.

The campaign strengthened our endowments: college endownments received £261m and the University's endowment £241m.

The number of alumni donors rose each year of the campaign, starting at around 14,000 in the 2003/04 academic year and reaching over 25,000 in the 2010/11 academic year.