• Nanomaterials and spectroscopy research
    Nanomaterials and spectroscopy research
  • Engineering: old iron tunnel to be made 'smart'
    Engineering: old iron tunnel to be made 'smart'

The School of Technology is concerned with the development of new technologies and processes to improve the quality of life of society as a whole. It incorporates engineering, computer science and technology, chemical engineering and biotechnology, sustainability leadership and business and management. The school is responsible for such breakthroughs as the jet engine and the webcam and continues to push the boundaries of engineering and technological knowledge.

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Gift announcements

Cambridge owes its world-leading excellence in research and teaching to the generosity of its supporters. Our history is synonymous with a history of far-sighted benefaction, and the same is as true today as it has ever been.

Gift announcement
LycaHealth, the new healthcare brand, have presented a donation of £150,000 to Cambridge University to support Sri Lankan students and improve public health in Sri Lanka.   
Gift announcement
Multi-million pound legacy to create a new 'Ray and Dagmar Dolby Court' at Pembroke College