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The Department of Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge is at the forefront of veterinary science and education and is a centre of excellence for teaching and research. Our core research themes are: comparative pathobiology, genetics and oncology, infection and immunity, mathematical biology, and neurosciences.

With the establishment of the Cambridge Infectious Disease Consortium (CIDC), Cambridge is harnessing its extensive expertise to meet a great challenge facing humanity today. The CIDC brings together the University’s many research groups in the vanguard of teaching and research in infectious disease, and affiliated institutes including the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. Its postgraduate programme is the only scheme in the UK to offer integrated training in infectious disease dynamics, with particular focus on diseases spread between animals and humans. Funding is required to support trained veterinarians to undertake this training, who ultimately will enable the impact of future infectious disease outbreaks to be minimised.

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