Donation of double scull remembers good times at Wolfson

Donation of double scull remembers good times at Wolfson

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A report published earlier this year by the University of Cambridge Sports Service found that undergraduate students who participated in University-level sport performed just as well academically, if not better, than the undergraduate population as a whole.

Our years in Cambridge, back in the 70s, meant a huge amount to both of us

Henry Rogers (Wolfson 1974)

These findings will come as no surprise to alumnus Henry Rogers (Wolfson 1974) who gave a donation for a new double scull for the Wolfson College Boat Club to enable current students to enjoy the same benefits he earned from taking up rowing whilst at Cambridge. 

Henry said, “I think I would have found my academic studies considerably harder had it not been for the warm-hearted environment of the College and for the physical challenges provided by the Boat Club.”

A ceremony at the Wolfson College Boat House named the double scull Phan Siew Fah — the Chinese name for Stella — Henry’s wife.  At the naming ceremony, the Rogers family were joined by members of the Boat Club to celebrate both his sporting achievements and invaluable contributions to College rowing. The men’s Boat Club captain and Henry took the new boat out on the River Cam.

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“We invited students from the Boat Club to speak at an alumni event as part of an appeal to raise money for a new boat and other Boat Club essentials,” said Sian Cook, Wolfson College’s Development Director. “Out of this, stemmed Henry’s gift which was, in turn, a catalyst to further develop alumni and Boat Club relations and a project to reconnect and find former members”.

Boat Club cox and recent PhD graduate, Justin Yang (Wolfson 2015) has been helping out in the Development Office over the summer. He is in no doubt as to the worth of reconnecting with alumni: "Having coxed for Wolfson for four years, it has been an incredible opportunity to help the Wolfson College Boat Club undertake a renewed engagement strategy with our alumni and supporters. It is so gratifying and humbling to reach out and hear from so many people who had as meaningful an experience as me with the club." 

Henry has remained a keen rower since his years at Wolfson and is currently a member of Twickenham Rowing Club. In 1993, he rowed in the crew on the Olympias, the reproduction trireme — the most important warship of the ancient Mediterranean world — built by Wolfson's founding President, Professor John Morrison.

Henry and Stella joined the president, Professor Jane Clarke, for lunch and a tour around Wolfson College grounds. “It is due to the constant support and generosity of our alumni, friends and donors that our Boat Club continues to have such exciting developments”, said Professor Clarke. “Wolfson College thanks Henry Rogers and his family for his contributions and this beautiful ceremony”. 

Sport and Academic Performance
In March 2019, the University of Cambridge Sports Service launched the Sport and Academic Performance Report. This report, considered over 4,000 Tripos results of undergraduate students who had represented the University in their sport and achieved a Blue, Half-Blue or Club Colours. These were then compared to the Tripos results of the undergraduate population as a whole during 2005–16.

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Philanthropic giving is at the heart of the success of the Collegiate University, enabling us to make discoveries that change the world and to ensure that our students receive an unrivalled education.

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The University of Cambridge Athlete Performance Programme (UCAPP) has been established to offer high performance athletes at undergraduate or postgraduate level the opportunity of a professional and coordinated support services network in order to improve their performance as a sports athlete. This programme has been set up thanks to the kind generosity of Mark Hanson (Girton 1985) who was a Modern Pentathlete during his time at Cambridge.
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