Meet Lucy

Meet Lucy

Lucy Robinson

Lucy Robinson is a graduate student in the Department of Pharmacology.

Lucy Robinson is in her final year of a PhD researching the links between inflammation and other illnesses including cancer.

An undergraduate student at Cambridge, Lucy was keen to remain at Cambridge for her graduate studies, continuing to work in the department that had trained her. This was made possible when she received a PhD studentship from the David James Fund.

The scholarship meant I could study at Cambridge and stay in a laboratory where I’d already had experience and that employs such a huge range of techniques helpful to my research.

Lucy’s research focuses on P2X7, a receptor with a key role in the inflammatory process.

Inflammation is involved in many diseases, including cancer and arthritis. It’s a fascinating receptor. Part of the reason it’s so interesting is that it does so many things, but little is known about how it’s regulated. When it goes wrong it can cause a lot of damage, so understanding it better is crucial to developing new therapies.

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About the David James Fund

Dr David James was a much-loved and well-respected departmental administrator at the Department of Pharmacology. His legacy continues to make a difference to the work of the Department and King’s College. Through his bequest, the David James Fund supports the next generation of Cambridge pharmacologists, whose work will be crucial to developing better treatments for diseases such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes and Parkinson’s.

Dr James’s bequest also provided for the repair and restoration of the King’s College Chapel, ensuring that millions of people across the world can continue to be inspired by this 500-year-old iconic building and delight in its architectural and musical glories.