Meet Rhys

Meet Rhys

Rhys Jones, Wolfson Scholar and PhD in History student

Rhys Jones is studying a PhD in History as a Wolfson Scholar.

Being offered the Wolfson Scholarship was an incredible honour. It is a great recognition to have and you can almost feel unworthy of it.

The Wolfson Scholarship is offered to an exceptional PhD candidate in the humanities each year. This prestigious gift allows some of our brightest students to pursue ground-breaking inquiry in history, literature and languages, making an impact on their chosen fields.

With the support of the Wolfson Foundation, Rhys Jones is studying a PhD in History, focusing on the two great men of the 18th century, George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte.

The comparative history of George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte is almost a biographical blank; but my PhD will change that. 

What I am trying to do is use their contexts of the French Revolution and the American Revolution and almost pit them against each other as a mirror image to ask what can we learn about the American experience by looking at it as a sister revolution to the French and vice versa. There is understanding to be gained from looking into the past to assess the properties and dynamics of current events.

Rhys plans to pursue a career making complex academic ideas accessible to a wider audience. 

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