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1 Quayside
Bridge Street
Cambridge CB5 8AB
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1223 332288
Fax: +44 (0)1223 764476
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Key contacts


Alison Traub Executive Director of Development & Alumni Relations 33161
Clare Birch  Chief of Staff 39269
Rosemary White Executive Assistant to the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer 39974
Kate Wilson  Chief Operating Officer 33162
Jane Clasby Campaign Project Manager  33164
Amy  Waters PA to Kate Wilson Chief Operating Officer  30937


Principal gifts

Christopher Whitney  Director of Principal Gifts 30926
Lorraine Headen Senior Associate Director, Principal Gifts 39813
Michael Trott Fundraising Assistant  30951
Suzanne Holland PA to the Director of Principal Gifts 30936


Cambridge University Health Partnership (CUHP)

Keegan Gary  Director of Cambridge University Health Partnership    


Major Gifts 

Chris Chaney Head of Major Gifts Schools Based 64482
Alana Bradford Fundraising Assistant 32577
Georgina Cannon Senior Associate Director - School of Technology 30890
Julia Champion PA to Chris Chaney, Head of Major Gifts - Schools Based 33166
Patricia Cooper Fundraising Assistant 30935
Jacqueline Garget Associate Director, Trusts and Foundations 39979
Kimberley  Greed Fundraising Assistant 30101
Laura  Greenfield Associate Director - University Library 60498
Emily Hinks CASE Graduate Trainee 30931
Ariadne  Lyroudia Associate Director, Faculty of Law 30910
Ranjit Majumdar Development Director 30945
Rocky McKnight Senior Associate Director - Biological Sciences 39951
Gail  Neary  Fundraising Assistant – Major Gifts, Technology, Physical Sciences 60160
Nouman  Qureshi Associate Director - Clinical Medicine 66200
Jessica Rose Associate Director - Cambridge Judge Business School 30122
Donnelle Roy Associate Director - Cambridge Conservation Initiative 30098
Courtney Stombock Senior Associate Director - Humanities and Social Sciences 30015
Glen Whitehead Senior Associate Director - Physical Sciences 30112
Emily Williams Senior Associate Director - Arts & Humanities 39961
Kelcey Wilson-Lee Associate Director, Humanities and Social Sciences 64486
Emily Zemke Senior Associate Director - Trusts and Foundations 30927
    Major Gifts University Wide    


Alumni & Development Communications  

Morven Knowles  Head of Alumni & Development Communications 60147
Holly Bax-Norman Philanthropic Communications Officer 32581
Matt Bilton Alumni & Development Communications Designer 66119
Ashley Coidan Communications Manager, Digital and Online 30099
Alex Corr Senior Technical Developer 66196
Rachel Gardner Philanthropic Communications Associate 30149
Kathryn Greaves Alumni and Development Communications Assistant 30919
Eloise Hayes Alumni and Development Communications Coordinator 30240
Non Jones Philanthropic Communications Officer 30016
John Kingsnorth Technical Developer 66203
Annie Lovett Philanthropic Communication Officer 39982
Kate Morris Alumni and Development Communications Manager 30014
Benedict O'Connor Philanthropic Communications Officer 60410 Benedict.O'
Kelly O'Reilly PA to Morven Knowles, Head of Alumni & Development Communications  30941 Kelly.O'
Oliver Perkins Philanthropic Communications Manager 39271


Alumni & Supporter Relations

    Head of Alumni & Supporter Relations 39267  
Katherine Balch Volunteer Relations Co-ordinator 30155
Claire Baxter Alumni Relations Co-ordinator - Networks    66204
Fiona Beeming Alumni Relations Co-ordinator 30932
Catherine Biggs Acting Volunteer Relations Manager 39966
Mignon Bout Events Organiser 39986
Anna Bowden Events Assistant 30124
Jane Crawford Alumni Relations Events Manager 66122
Sam Davies Events Assistant 66116
Jennie Hastie Alumni Relations Co-ordinator - Student Transition  39968
Kirsty Hayman Stewardship Team Administrator  60153
Paula Jackson Stewardship Officer - Recognition 64484
Rachel Kirkley  Alumni Relations Events Manager 32289
Rachel Lazenby Donor Communications Associate  30954
Catherine Lees Events Organiser 39983
Megan Major Stewardship Officer - Settlement  66199
Elana  McNaught  Stewardship Officer - Reporting 33165
Kelly O'Reilly PA to Head of Alumni & Development Communications  30941 Kelly.O'
Molly Peoples Alumni Relations Manager  60146
Suzanne Pritikin Stewardship Manager  66198
Jan Pudney  Alumni Relations Assistant  60158
Kara Rann Alumni Relations Co-ordinator - Enterprises 60150
Nicola Robertson  Volunteer Relations Assistant 30929
Jane Sullivan Events Organiser 60164
Kimberley Tompkins Stewardship Officer - Reporting 33168
Jayne Vaughan-Lane Events Organiser 30288


Finance, HR, Operations and Database

Charlotte Cane Head of Finance, Ops, HR and Database 39980
Christine Baker Senior Accounts Clerk  66195
Sue Bourne Senior Database Assistant 64477
Jacqueline Boyce Receptionist  32288
Carolyn Bysouth  Senior Database Assistant 39268
Bizhan Carr-Brion Database Assistant - Data Development 46788
Andrew Chamberlain Database Supervisor - Project Support 66120
Edward Crompton Database Co-ordinator - Functional Support 60161
Will Dixon Database Supervisor - Training Support 64480
Ann-Marie Farrell Database Assistant - Data Support 39967
Kamila Gielnik Database Assistant - Data Support 32579
Sally-Ann Halls Database Assistant - Data Development 64483
Liam Hawkins Accounts Clerk  30923
Maggie Kama Human Resources Administrator 39970
Lucy Kirby Operations Administrator 39959
Alex McLean-Tooke Database Assistant - Data Support 60156
Jon Moore Database Manager (Interim) 60162
Carmen Preston Operations Assistant 35166
Michele Reader Senior Human Resources Administrator  64481
Anahi Romero Operations Assistant 66193
Charlotte Smith  PA to Charlotte Cane, Head of Finance, HR and Operations 30938
Gary Smith  Operations Administrator 66123
Kevin Sporns Database Supervisor - Functional Support 60152
Luke Stanley  Senior Accounts Clerk  39971
India Thompson Operations Assistant 64479
Barbara Toninato Database Assistant - Data Support 60159
Anne Waldock Finance Manager  60157
Laura Whitehead Human Resources Manager 32874
Jeremy Wilson  Operations Manager 39272
Wing Wong Database Co-ordinator - Functional Support 64478


Fundraising Systems Project  

Christopher MacLeod Fundraising Systems Programme Manager 30113
Jason Bernard Consultant - Contract Developer  30918
Chiara Ferrara Business Analyst 60163
Becky  Hall Communications Manager - Fundraising Systems Project  30912
Laura Hyde Fundraising Systems Project Assistant 30916
Vanessa Lobbezoo Business Assurance Manager 66118


Prospect Information & Analysis

Sarah  Baker Head of Prospect Information and Analysis 39989
Anabela  Ali Prospect Information Officer 30012
Kelly Ball Prospect Information Officer 32578
Stephen Bland Prospect Information Officer 30013
Alex Boothroyd Development Research Officer 32576
Christopher Brading Prospect Research Analyst 30921
Sarah  Charlesworth  Development Research Officer 39981
Martyn Clay Prospect Information Co-ordinator 60145
Alison  Dashper Development Research Officer 66194
Anthony  Duggan Development Research Manager 30924
Roberto Fava Prospect Information Coordinator 30944
Lucy Johnstone Prospect Information Officer 30090
Madeleine  Langford-Allen Prospect Information Manager 39810
Kyna  Milnes Development Research Officer 66117
Cynthia O'Dell Development Research Assistant 64487 Cynthia.O'
Aggie  Osina College Relations Project Manager 64485
Rebecca Reid Development Research Analyst 39969
Claudio  Russo  College Relations Analyst 30949
Charlotte  Smith  PA to Sarah Baker, Head of Prospect Information and Analysis 30938
Andre Van Der Merwe Development Research Clerk 60154