Development and Alumni Relations

Connecting alumni, inspiring giving and impacting lives. Join our dynamic community supporting the world-class education, research, and innovation at the University of Cambridge. Together, we can make a lasting difference.

Development and Alumni Relations

About us

Development and Alumni Relations is the alumni relations and fundraising arm of the University. We are responsible for:

  • Raising major philanthropic gifts from alumni and non-alumni
  • Communicating persuasively to inspire, inform and engage our audiences
  • Building links and encouraging lifelong relationships between the University and its alumni and supporters
  • Ensuring that the worldwide community of over 300,000 alumni are well-equipped to be effective ambassadors and advocates for Cambridge.

We work collaboratively with colleagues throughout Collegiate Cambridge, including our 31 colleges, Cambridge University Health Partners, and Cambridge in America, to promote positive relations with our alumni and supporters and generate philanthropic income.



We align passion with priority, inspire generosity and contribute to excellence of the Collegiate University.


We are a trusted partner who is driven by the mission of the University and Colleges of Cambridge, to execute a transformative programme of philanthropy and alumni engagement.




Inspired by Cambridge

We are enthusiastic about making a difference in the world through creative and innovative approaches, which support philanthropy and alumni engagement at Cambridge.



Champion Each Other

We work together to build a nurturing commu­nity where we listen, trust and empower each other, so we can grow and achieve.

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Work in a Spirit of Partnership

We build relationships with all internal and ex­ternal stakeholders, and find agile solutions in a collegial, responsive and transparent way.

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Be Brave and Honest

We take personal responsibility for our work and are results-oriented. We actively engage in discussions and commit to decisions once they are made.



Lead by Example

We apply our expertise in the pursuit of excel­lence, and believe in continuous improvement, learning from our everyday experiences.

Work culture

We strive for a collaborative work environment, where each employee’s perspective is valued, in order to keep our collective passion and drive for our work evolving. With more than 130 staff members, we host termly All Staff meetings and seasonal events to keep our employees engaged, informed, and connected. It’s not uncommon to find staff members enjoying lunch together around Cambridge, participating in book clubs, or working together to fundraise for local Cambridge charities with our ‘Small Change for Change’ initiative. 

We are committed to fostering a work culture where every employee not only understands how their role supports the mission of our department but also feels valued and respected.