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Our society faces its greatest challenger yet. Cambridge ideas, insights and research are essential to fight it. But we need your help.

Yours, Cambridge


Join Melinda Gates, Stephen J Toope, and three remarkable Gates Cambridge Scholars for an inspirational discussion about advancing the rights of women and multiplying human resources for good, across the globe.
Cultural institutions across the University will receive funding to help welcome back visitors and return to normal operating models in the months ahead by the UK government's Cultural Recovery Fund.
In response, alumni, staff and friends of Cambridge came together to support the University and Colleges. Here are a few of the ways their generosity has made a difference in the past year.
Pressing issues of inequality are driving research into new economic approaches

Featured priorities

Cambridge Children’s Hospital holds the potential to transform the lives of young people regionally, nationally and globally by seamlessly integrating physical and mental healthcare
Cambridge’s bold and ambitious programme to address educational and social disadvantage.
Rob Miller and students in Whittle Lab
Accelerating the development of decarbonisation technologies in aviation and beyond
A new, major interdisciplinary initiative focused on the transition to a zero-carbon future, bringing together the best of Cambridge in people, research and knowledge exchange.

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