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Our planet faces new and daunting challenges. Our ideas and insights are needed to solve them. Now we need the world’s support.

Yours, Cambridge


The University of Cambridge is to take a leading role in a major national effort to help understand and control the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) announced today by the Government and the UK’s Chief Scientific Adviser.
The race is on to find a vaccine against the new COVID-19 coronavirus. Professor Jonathan Heeney explains why a cautious approach is needed and how his team is using new technology developed for influenza and Ebola viruses to target the new infection.
Dr Charles Chen Yidan, co-founder of Chinese internet giant Tencent, presented the Yidan Prize for Education Research to Professor Usha Goswami at a ceremony at the Fitzwilliam Museum.
Thanks to funding from an anonymous donation, Lizzie Bowes (Newnham 2016) became the second Schools Liaison Officer for Trinity College earlier this academic year. Having been the first student from her state school to study at Cambridge, she is passionate about encouraging talented students who are under-represented at the University to attend open days and residential courses.

Featured priorities

The race is on to find a vaccine against the new COVID-19 coronavirus. Your support can make a difference.
Rob Miller and students in Whittle Lab
Accelerating the development of decarbonisation technologies in aviation and beyond
Neurons photo by Nick Blair
Changing how the world understands and treats diseases of the brain and mind
Three individual student pictures. From left to right two men and a woman
What matters most to us? That all students with the potential to excel have a chance to study at Cambridge and its Colleges, not just some.

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