Dear World,
Our ideas have shaped the world.
Now we must shape its future.

Yours, Cambridge

Our planet faces new and daunting challenges. Our ideas and insights are needed to solve them. But to attract the finest minds, and give them the resources they need, we need the world’s support.

Our goal

£1.59 billion
£2 billion

Yours, Cambridge

Featured priorities

Students photographed on adjustment day 2019
Doubling the impact of new gifts to student support
Three individual student pictures. From left to right two men and a woman
What matters most to us? That all students with the potential to excel have a chance to study at Cambridge and its Colleges, not just some.
Sir David Attenborough (image by Cate Gillon)
Creative solutions to environmental challenges.
Public Policy
Linking Cambridge’s world-leading research with policymaking to create an inclusive, equitable and sustainable world.


Dr Ewan Kirk
Launched in January 2019, the Isaac Newton Institute now proudly hosts the Kirk Distinguished Visiting Fellowship scheme.
In June 2016 we were shocked and saddened by the death of Jo Cox MP. Jo joined Pembroke College in 1992. Following her tragic murder, the students, staff, alumni and friends of Pembroke joined forces to raise money to fund the study of refugees and migration, to honour Jo and her passionate advocacy on behalf of those without a voice.
Cairngorms from above with low lying clouds. Photo by James-Shooter
Ecosystems that are rich in biodiversity provide clean air, fresh water, food and fuel, and protect us from the worst effects of floods and storms. They inspire us and improve our wellbeing. Yet landscapes across Europe are under threat.
A report published earlier this year by the University of Cambridge Sports Service found that undergraduate students who participated in University-level sport performed just as well academically, if not better, than the undergraduate population as a whole.