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Centre of Mathematical Sciences, West Cambridge
Research software engineers will bridge the gap between modern science and scalable complex software at four leading universities
Professor Rob Miller and researchers at the Whittle Laboratory
The Centre, based at Cambridge’s Whittle Laboratory, will play a key role in accelerating the decarbonisation of flight and power generation
The University of Cambridge announces the launch of the Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science, and the Public, to engage publics and scientists with the ethical implications of scientific discovery and its impact on society.
Thirty students at the University of Cambridge have benefitted from bursaries distributed from the Get in Cambridge campaign. The campaign, originally designed for social media, aims to increase the number of students from historically under-represented backgrounds applying to Cambridge.

Featured priorities

Cambridge Children’s Hospital holds the potential to transform the lives of young people regionally, nationally and globally by seamlessly integrating physical and mental healthcare
Get In: Changing perceptions, removing barriers and transforming lives
Cambridge’s bold and ambitious programme to address educational and social disadvantage.
Rob Miller and students in Whittle Lab
Accelerating the development of decarbonisation technologies in aviation and beyond
The new Cavendish Laboratory will house some of the most advanced, controlled experimental environments in the world. It is here that our world-class scientists will forge a new era of pioneering advances. But we need further funding to complete and equip this new laboratory. 
A new, major interdisciplinary initiative focused on the transition to a zero-carbon future, bringing together the best of Cambridge in people, research and knowledge exchange.

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