Staff Voices

One of our core values at the University of Cambridge is to recognise and reward our staff as our greatest asset.

Staff Voices

We realise that it's our people who have built our outstanding reputation and that we will only maintain our leading position in the academic world by continuing to attract and retain talented and motivated people.

Jeremy Wilson

Jeremy (Jez) Wilson

Operations Manager

In a role which has evolved and expanded over 20 years of service, Jez is now Manager of the Operations Team, overseeing the smooth running of the office.He stresses background doesn’t matter for success in the department, but that talent and commitment are the critical qualities.

‘Every day brings a new challenge. You have to keep thinking and keep adapting, but that helps to keep you focussed.’

‘It’s a proud feeling, working for a world renowned university like Cambridge, a name everyone recognises, making a contribution to its success.’

Megan Major headshot

Megan Major

Settlement Manager

Working in Cambridge and development was a happy accident for Megan Major. ‘I’m so glad I found this career,’ she says. ‘It’s incredibly fulfilling.’

Born in the U.S., Megan was working as a family law attorney in California when her husband was offered a job in Cambridge. 

She joined a recruitment agency in the city, looking for temporary work, and took a role as Donor Relations Coordinator at the University Development and Alumni Relations office, reporting to philanthropists on how their generosity was being put to good use.

Rachel Holdsworth

Rachel Mortimer Holdsworth

Events Manager

‘This is the most rewarding job I have ever had,’ she says.  ‘We have a close-knit team, and really feel we’re making a difference to both the University and society. Our work helped support with one scientist who was producing early intervention tests for cancer, and it was amazing to be a part of that.’ ‘This is a job and department that really makes you grow and learn. There aren’t many careers like this one, places to work like this, and all with such a sense of satisfaction that my working day often doesn’t really feel like I’m actually working.’