COVID-19 PPE Appeal Fund

Our NHS staff are on the frontline and we must guarantee their safety. Help us purchase and transport Personal Protection Equipment from China to Cambridge.

COVID-19 PPE Appeal Fund

Our nation is running perilously short of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). With the peak of COVID-19 infection still to come and the number of cases set to remain high for months, we must source the best PPE available for our health care professionals.

Without it, they cannot care for infected patients safely.

Without it, they may become ill and spread infection themselves.

If our doctors, nurses and paramedics become sick, they must self-isolate and right now we cannot do without them.

The University of Cambridge has strong links and academic collaborations with China, and particularly Nanjing, such as Engineering Professor Daping Chu. In collaboration with Professors Sadaf Farooqi and Toni Vidal Puig (Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science), our engineers, biomedical scientists and clinicians are working with suppliers and manufacturers in the UK and China to ensure we access high-quality PPE. 

We need funding urgently to acquire:

  • Goggles (reusable or single)
  • FFP2 and FFP3 masks (reusable or single-use) with additional filters for reusable
  • Water repellent single-use IIR standard surgical masks
  • Surgical gowns

We have already secured financial resources to purchase 80,000 sets of scrubs for staff to wear. If successful, our goal is to distribute PPE to support other hospitals in Cambridgeshire and the UK depending on our capacity to upscale.

Make a gift

  • £150 buys enough FFP3 respirator masks to care for one patient in Intensive Care for one day
  • £1,000 buys 100 pairs of scrubs

To learn more or discuss wider opportunities for philanthropic investment please contact Shira Schnitzer.

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Cambridge is working hard to ensure that the full strength of the University’s research powers and resources are used in the global fight against COVID-19.

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