Cambridge v COVID-19

Cambridge is working hard to ensure that the full strength of the University’s research powers and resources are used in the global fight against COVID-19.

Cambridge v COVID-19



Dear World,
It’s on.
Cambridge v COVID-19.
And it’s a fight we’ll win.
Yours, Cambridge

We’ve been challenged to a fight none of us were expecting, and all over the world, society is being pummelled.

Cambridge is being hit hard too, but we’re fighting back in three arenas:

The Virus
We must find the means to better diagnose, treat and stop the virus causing this pandemic.

Student Support
We must assist our students, whose lives and studies have been upended in so many ways, to stay strong and stay the distance.

The Equipment 
We must ensure high-grade PPE equipment for frontline medical staff and researchers across the UK.

You can help us to knock out COVID-19 and alleviate the bruises it has imparted on our world. A donation of any size to any of the areas below will help advance our work and will have a real and immediate impact.

Together we can defeat COVID-19