Support a club directly

Support a club directly

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Each sports club at Cambridge has a unique set of objectives and needs. To become fully sustainable in the long term, it is essential that clubs develop communities of philanthropic support.

Donations as little as £10 per month can help pay for a club’s equipment, facilities, travel and coaching expenses. Each club, in turn, will provide bespoke communications, updates and engagement opportunities for their supporters. 

You can make a direct donation to any of Cambridge’s 49 sports clubs through the portals below. Each portal provides more detailed information about how your donation can make a difference. We accept donations via credit and debit card either as one-off gifts or recurring monthly payments. You can also help a club of your choice become sustainable by leaving a major gift, volunteering, or through legacies.  

Contact us to explore your options

Derek Wilson

Senior Associate Director — Sports, Clubs and Societies

+44 (0)1223 330015 or mobile: +44 (0)7710 376604

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We are seeking the support of those who value sport to ensure future generations have the same opportunities. You can support a sports club directly or contribute to the Sports Club Support Fund, a funding resource distributed to clubs on a needs basis.