New studentships funded from a legacy gift to Lucy Cavendish

New studentships funded from a legacy gift to Lucy Cavendish

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    Ernest Hecht OBE with Baroness Perry

A legacy gift to Lucy Cavendish from the Charitable Foundation of the late Ernest Hecht OBE will fund two new studentships.

Ernest Hecht was a generous donor and always delighted in his association with the College. He loved to meet and hear about the lives of those fortunate students who received awards from his Foundation. 

The new gifts will endow two studentships:  

  • The Ernest Hecht Science Studentship  for undergraduate students aged 18 years or older, from under-represented backgrounds and studying for degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.
  • The Ernest Hecht Studentship for Mature Women, which will be open to mature women in the UK, in any discipline, studying either undergraduate or postgraduate courses. 

Speaking about this generous gift, Professor Dame Madeleine Atkins — President, Lucy Cavendish College, said: “This gift demonstrates, in the most meaningful way, our special relationship with Mr Hecht. He was acutely aware and supportive of our mission to give a Cambridge education to those mature women who, without Lucy Cavendish, would have believed that Cambridge was not for them. Now, as we move towards a new era at the College when talented students of all genders from all under-represented groups will be encouraged to apply. Both studentships  will serve as constant reminders of that relationship and we are indebted to him.”  

Jo Ryan, Development Director said: “It will be a privilege to get to know each recipient of the Ernest Hecht Studentships and to share their inspiring stories. And I am sure that each one will feel proud and inspired when they learn about Mr Hecht and his wonderful contribution to the life and evolution of Lucy Cavendish. “

To find out more about making a legacy gift, please contact:

Alice Macek

Alice Macek

Associate Director — Legacies

07761 042151

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