Cambridge Children’s Hospital

Cambridge Children’s Hospital holds the potential to transform the lives of young people regionally, nationally and globally.

Cambridge Children’s Hospital

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A whole new way 

Cambridge Children’s Hospital will be a world first: a purpose-built hospital that seamlessly integrates physical and mental healthcare. Embedded within it will be a world-leading research institute that ensures innovative ideas reach the patients who need them, sooner rather than later.

The University of Cambridge, Cambridge University Hospitals and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust are partnering to transform the health of young people here and around the world. This unique partnership brings the creative thinking that has led to our combined 52 Nobel prizes in Medicine and Chemistry together with unrivalled clinical knowledge and care. Building on the strengths of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and our collaborations with industry-leading companies, Cambridge Children’s Hospital will set a new standard for how we treat, detect and prevent illness.

Driving a whole new way of thinking

World-leading science is in the DNA of Cambridge Children's Hospital. An embedded 5000m2 Research Institute will drive a whole new way of thinking about paediatric healthcare. It will feature highly collaborative research centres dedicated to addressing the lead causes of children’s illness and death.

We can do this because we are at the cutting edge of genomic medicine. And that means we can diagnose earlier and offer more personalised treatments for patients. It allows us to help those children with rare diseases, who until now have gone without hope.

From Cambridge, a city steeped in excellence and discovery, the hospital will provide care for every child and young person in the East of England who needs it. As the only region in the UK currently without a purpose-built children’s hospital, this will finally provide the level of treatment countless families need, without having to travel hundreds of miles to get it.

But our work will not be limited by borders: what we do at Cambridge Children’s will be a model for how to make sick children better, here and around the world.

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To transform children’s healthcare, and create a whole new way to treat sick children worldwide, we need the support of partners who share our commitment to this vision. Your support would provide critical infrastructure, enabling the Research Institute to become the hospital’s scientific engine room, raising the bar for its clinical services, and setting a new standard worldwide.

Your generosity will ensure that scientific discoveries and breakthroughs are translated into better, more effective interventions and treatments for children everywhere.

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Caroline Campbell

Head of Development — Children's Health

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The Department of Paediatrics is an internationally recognised centre for research in child health and development.

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