Dear World,
We're working on COVID-19.
But we need your help.

Yours, Cambridge

Our society faces its greatest challenger yet. Cambridge ideas, insights and research are essential to fight it. But we need your help.

Yours, Cambridge


Cambridge University is using targeted social media videos to reach teenagers from UK Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities and break down misconceptions that might put them off applying.
Resolute, despite COVID-19, our collegiate community has united, finding novel ways to respond to challenging conditions, creating opportunities to contribute to society and help each other.  Their grassroots endeavours demonstrate the collective might of our students, staff, alumni and the wider community, whether that might is physical, intellectual, emotional or financial. 
Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre
The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that now, more than ever, the world needs to harness deep expertise and collaborative thinking to tackle a global challenge. And at Cambridge, the power of philanthropy is enabling researchers and scientists to do just that.

Featured priorities

Research nurse from the NIHR Clinical Research Facility processing patient samples using SAMBA machines, Addenbrooke’s Hospital
The race is on to find a vaccine against the new COVID-19 coronavirus. Your support will make a difference.
Help support students at Cambridge experiencing hardship in this crisis and beyond.
PPE equipment demonstration and ambulance with 4C PPE logo
Our NHS staff are on the frontline and we must guarantee their safety. Help us purchase and transport Personal Protection Equipment from China to Cambridge.
A boy at a Millennium Mathematics Project event
The Millennium Mathematics Project (MMP) is an award-winning mathematics education and outreach initiative for ages 3 to 19 and the general public. We believe that all young people should have the opportunity to experience a rich, imaginative, challenging mathematical education.

Our goal

£1.7 billion
£2 billion