Dear World,
Our ideas have shaped the world.
Now we must shape its future.

Yours, Cambridge

Our planet faces new and daunting challenges. Our ideas and insights are needed to solve them. But to attract the finest minds, and give them the resources they need, we need the world’s support.

Our goal

£1.47 billion
£2 billion

Yours, Cambridge

Featured priorities

Graduating students at General Admission, 2012
The Cambridge Bursary Scheme, run by the University's Student Registry, offers many UK and EU students studying for their first degree financial support in the form of non-repayable bursaries, the value of which is dependent on their household income.
Students in front of one of our Colleges
There are thousands of students out there who could make their mark on the world.
Sir David Attenborough (image by Cate Gillon)
Creative solutions to environmental challenges
Scientists working
Working to improve outcomes for patients everywhere


A generous gift from alumnus Mark Hanson (Girton 1985) has made possible a new Athlete Performance Programme (UCAPP) to support exceptional scholar athletes.
Gates Scholar alumni
The Class of 2019 includes citizens from 37 different countries and the first scholars from Burundi and Mongolia. This year 27 universities have produced their first Gates Cambridge Scholar.
Cambridge and Heidelberg announce major project to digitise treasured medieval manuscripts
Centuries-old manuscripts feature the works of Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles and Euripides.
Dr Johnny Habchi, Dr Christopher Proctor, and Dr Peitro Sormanni in coversation
The Borysiewicz Fellowship takes some of the best Cambridge postdocs and develops them into motivated, strategic future leaders ready to pursue a range of global questions and problems. These researchers work in teams on projects aimed at finding solutions for some of the world’s most pressing problems.