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Cambridge Geography is defined by its broad curriculum and innovative teaching, paired with world-class research, and a strong tradition of interdisciplinary work to address global challenges.

The Department also plays an active role in advising industry, government and non-governmental organisations. With a plethora of awards for research excellence, a presence among the most important global bodies in the field, and wide recognition for its public promotion of geographical science, the Department continues to achieve significant impact and influence on vital issues affecting societies and geographies worldwide.

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Student Opportunity Fund

The Department is committed to delivering excellence and innovation in teaching and research. To maintain this excellence, however, requires the Department to attract the best and brightest students to study at Cambridge, regardless of background, and to support them in achieving their full potential once they are here. This is hugely important to the University as a whole, but it is truly vital to Geography, a discipline entirely devoted to understanding the complex relationships between people and environments. 

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted the Department of Geography, and the wider University, in a number of unforeseen—and ongoing—ways. These include adapting teaching/research structures due to government restrictions and regulations and responding to the difficulties with this year’s school-leaving results by admitting an increased number of students in the incoming first-year cohort. We anticipate that the recovery from this historic public health crisis will take many years, and we are doing our utmost to ensure that the negative impact of this on our students is kept to a minimum, in both the short and long term. To fully support our students and their aspirations requires a degree of financial flexibility that the Department does not currently have. In response to these ongoing needs, we have established a Geography Student Opportunity Fund. 

The purpose of this Fund is to: 

  • Provide additional financial support to enable Geography field trips, a critical part of the Tripos, to continue without imposing financial burdens on students
  • Increase our teaching capacity to meet the increased demand, and to ensure that all students receive the high-quality personalised contact that has been the hallmark of the Tripos
  • Cover or offset costs related to equipment or kit that Geography students require to meet their teaching and learning needs, to ensure equality of provision across the Department
  • Cover or offset costs related to IT needs and digital content access for Geography students, especially those with financial constraints
  • Mitigate any potential future financial exigencies that directly impact students related to the Covid-19 crisis and/or other unforeseen emergencies

A donation of any size to this fund will help to support the Department in navigating these uncharted waters, and to ensure that our students have the best Cambridge experience possible.

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