Opera Society (CUOS)

Opera Society (CUOS)

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  • CUOS  is one of the largest and most prestigious student opera groups in the UK
    CUOS is one of the largest and most prestigious student opera groups in the UK

Cambridge University Opera Society is one of the largest and most prestigious student opera groups in the UK, with a busy calendar of events taking place throughout the year.

CUOS has a long and distinguished record of fine performances which have received nationwide acclaim, including both well-known operas and unfamiliar works, and it also aims to encourage talented student composers to create completely new works.

Every year CUOS stages a wide variety of operas in a number of different venues around Cambridge. It is the hard work of determined students that enables CUOS to thrive. CUOS provides many opportunities for performers and creative/technical staff to learn the skills that will prepare them for careers in opera. In addition to its core audience of dedicated opera-lovers, it aims to reach out to the whole student population, providing them with fun, vibrant shows that introduce them to the rich and varied world of opera.

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