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The Department of Zoology is home to a thriving community of scientists who share a deep interest in how animals develop, function, interact and evolve.

We take pride in our world-class, wide-impact research and in our enthusiastic, high-quality teaching. Maintaining these exceptionally high standards requires a sustained input of resources, and an essential element of this is the support from donations.

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Opportunities in 'Zoology'

Transforming conservation practice for the benefit of nature.
The Finback whale skeleton, shown in the University of Cambridge's Museum of Zoology
The Museum of Zoology is home to a huge variety of recent and fossil animals, including collections made by great naturalists of the past. Its collections include rare and extinct animals, a great auk skin and treasures from Darwin's Beagle voyage.
A baby sloth in a tree in Panama
Our tropical field course for undergraduates is only possible as a result of generous support from our alumni and friends. Your support funds bursaries, which ensure that students can attend the course, regardless of their financial situation.
The aim of this Fund is to transform our ability to support our zoologists, and enable us to respond and innovate in our fast-changing subject.

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