Researching into medical law and ethics

Researching into medical law and ethics

  • Faculty of Law
    Faculty of Law

As new research and technologies transform medicine, so too they change the nature of health issues, medico-legal dilemmas and the realities of health care systems, from consent and confidentiality to public health and biosecurity.

The Hatton Trust and the WYNG Foundation have joined forces to support the Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences, an innovative partnership between Cambridge and Hong Kong University.

Research into practical ethical challenges

With their support, a five-year lectureship at the Faculty of Law, a three-year Research Fellowship at Trinity Hall and two PhD studentships have been created. Together, these post-holders will play a key role in the Centre’s cutting-edge research on core medical, legal, ethical and practical issues that local and international communities face and are likely to face in the future. The Master of Trinity Hall, the Reverend Dr Jeremy Morris, says: “As the only College in Cambridge originally founded specifically for the study of law, Trinity Hall still places a high value on law amongst the full range of subjects represented on its fellowship and in its teaching and research. The Hatton/ WYNG Research Fellowship in Medical Law and Ethics reflects and consolidates this continuing tradition, and enables exciting cross-disciplinary research to be undertaken in a field of great significance for the future.”

The Hatton/WYNG Research Fellowship in Medical Law and Ethics... enables exciting cross-disciplinary research to be undertaken in a field of great significance for the future.

Reverend Dr Jeremy Morris, Master of Trinity Hall

In further support of Trinity Hall, the WYNG Foundation also invested in what will become WYNG Gardens, a refurbishment of student accommodation and facilities on Thompson's Lane that will provide the College with valuable new space.

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