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Unravelling the molecular mechanisms of disease to transform human health

The Cambridge Institute for Medical Research brings together 200 outstanding biological researchers and clinician-scientists, with a mission to tackle global healthcare challenges by discovering the fundamental biological processes underlying human health and disease.

Research spans a wide range of conditions, from those that are rare, such as motor neurone disease and progeria (premature childhood ageing), to those that continue to destroy the lives of millions of people across the world, such as dementia and malaria.

From molecule to patient

Understanding the molecular mechanisms within cells that form the basis of human biology — and how these can malfunction — is key to revealing causes of disease, from the role of genetic mutations to the ways in which proteins are produced and function.

Over the last two decades, the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research has built an international reputation for its insights into these fundamental processes and continues to drive scientific breakthroughs with the potential to change how we prevent, diagnose and treat disease. 

Read about how Cambridge's world-leading genome study is improving the diagnosis and treatment of critically ill babies.

From laboratory to clinical trial

At the heart of the Institute is a unique partnership between basic and clinical researchers, designed to facilitate the translation of fundamental biological science into clinical practice. Here, biological researchers at the forefront of cellular and molecular discovery work alongside clinically trained colleagues with expertise in patient care, to transform scientific insights into novel therapies. 

Located on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, the Institute’s research impact is amplified through collaborations with Cambridge University Hospitals and Royal Papworth Hospital – two outstanding teaching and research hospital trusts — as well as with neighbouring pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. This integration of biomedical research with medical practice and industry is crucial to translating research findings into tangible benefits for patients. 

Read about the development of new treatments for liver and lung disease by spin-out company Z Factor Limited, founded by Professor Jim Huntingdon.

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