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Eton Fives Club (CUEFC)

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Established in the 1920s, the Cambridge University Eton Fives Club (CUEFC) has always been home to a passionate group of players, several of whom have gone on to become Kinnaird champions.

We also take great pride in our new beginner players and are privileged to support them along their Fives journey. We provide inspiring coaching from more experienced players, access to tournaments, as well as a friendly and encouraging fives community to call home. This has no doubt been a reason for our growing numbers in recent years, in particular the growth and development of our Ladies’ side. 

The Club is looking for support to assist with student subscription fees, subsidising tournament travel costs, as well as our ambition of acquiring a long-term coach. We believe the lowering of subscription fees will help tackle the challenges of accessibility and will lead to increased student participation. Subsidising the travel costs to tournaments will not only benefit our players with more competitive play but also enable players to actively engage with the wider Fives community. 

Ultimately, we seek to spark and nurture a lifelong love of Fives. Your donations, big or small, will make all the difference in helping us achieve this.

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