Classics and Classical Archaeology

Classics and Classical Archaeology

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    Faculty of Classics
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The Faculty of Classics is committed to advancing research and teaching in all aspects of Classical culture and its reception at the very highest level, it is the intellectual home of some of the best-known Classicists, and of an increasingly diverse body of outstanding graduate students and exceptionally talented undergraduates.

Why support Classics at Cambridge?

We have exciting plans to expand what we do, while still maintaining our traditional excellence. We are committed to:

  • growing our outreach programme to remove the barriers of poverty and educational disadvantage and enable able students of all backgrounds to grapple with the intellectual challenges that the Classical world presents today
  • expanding the range of our teaching and research so as to cover exciting new methodologies and emergent fields
  • providing our researchers and students with a first-class physical environment to match the Faculty’s vibrant intellectual life

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Amanda Lightstone

Head of Development — Arts and Humanities

Opportunities in 'Classics and Classical Archaeology'

Post Covid-19 we must ensure that the Faculty of Classics remains a vibrant intellectual centre with a first-class physical environment, redeveloped to meet our changing needs.
Classics is expanding its range, embracing the whole of ancient Mediterranean culture and all that Classics has meant to the world since antiquity. To enable us to take advantage of the opportunities that this expansion offers, we need to increase our funded positions for teaching and research to address the full sweep of the Classical world.
Museum of Classical Archaeology tour (Alumni Festival 2014)
Our Museum collections span the length and breadth of the Graeco-Roman world and cover a time period reaching from 1700 BCE to 400 CE.
Cambridge is committed to bringing the study of Greek and Latin to a yet wider and more diverse range of students. We need a properly funded access and outreach programme to achieve our aim of widening participation and ensuring gender and race equality.
We want to ensure that all students with the potential to excel have the chance to study Classics at Cambridge, not just some.

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