COVID-19 Student Hardship Fund

Help support students at Cambridge experiencing hardship in this crisis and beyond.

COVID-19 Student Hardship Fund

COVID-19 has dramatically altered our students’ university experience. 

The worldwide crisis has exacerbated underlying disadvantage, and while some students felt the effects right from the outset of the pandemic, today even more are affected. Changes in family circumstances, loss of income, the need for new equipment, increased travel costs and the expense of quarantine all create huge financial stress, and for some exist in combination with research time lost and the expiration of grants.

Financial stress can affect mental health, and so too the ripple effects of the pandemic and periods of isolation and lockdown.

We are incredibly grateful for the donations that have helped us to address this hardship.

Thanks to those donations, the University and Colleges have been able to make funding available to students to alleviate unexpected financial loss and expenditure. In the past few months, we have helped students to arrive home safely, pay rent or buy necessities, and make up for loss in income. This is only possible because of generous support from many alumni and friends. We are truly grateful.

But the challenge is not over yet and students continue to need our support. No student should struggle financially in order to quarantine. No student should have to forfeit their PhD because they lack the funds to complete it. No student should be unsupported in facing the challenges to mental health posed by the pandemic. 

We want all our students to thrive and excel.

How you can help 

We are acutely aware that this pandemic has affected everyone, and that many of our supporters are unable to give at present. But if you are in a position to do so, you can support our students by making an online donation to the University's Student Hardship Fund, or making a gift for students at a specific College. 

A gift to support students facing hardship allows us to direct funds to where they are most needed, helping students facing hardship both immediately and in the months and years ahead. 

We profoundly appreciate your support. 

Make a gift

You can support our students during this crisis by making a donation online. If you would like to discuss further philanthropic opportunities, please contact us. 

If you would like to donate to students at a specific Cambridge College, please visit their website, or get in touch through our College Contacts page.

Make a gift now

Make a gift now to support COVID-19 Student Hardship Fund by credit or debit card, or set up a direct debit:

Give online

Or, find out about other ways to give.

Anna Nye

Associate Director, Student Support

+44 (0)1223 766195

Other ways to help

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Cambridge is working hard to ensure that the full strength of the University’s research powers and resources are used in the global fight against COVID-19.

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