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Cambridge University Athletic Club prides itself on its long and distinguished history as one of the oldest athletics clubs in the world. Three times a year, we compete against Oxford's OUAC. In three out of every four years, CUAC and OUAC call a temporary truce and come together to compete against American universities in the oldest international athletic series in the world.

Cambridge University Athletic Club (CUAC) prides itself on its long and distinguished history as the oldest athletics club in the world. For over 160 years, training with CUAC has been a vital part of life for many studying at the University of Cambridge. We compete against Oxford three times each year, fielding over 100 athletes, across four teams, at our Summer Varsity.

The club is striving to further support our athletes and help them reach their full potential. Athletes in every event, both in track and field, now have access to multiple sessions every week coached by high standard specialised coaches. We regularly send a full team to Outdoor BUCS and have recently increased our presence at the Indoor Championships. We aim to aid athletes in all aspects of their training and their time at Cambridge, with physiotherapy and sports psychology now integral parts of our program. Finally, as the diversity within the University increases, we are proud of our bursary scheme, which has helped many students achieve their goals irrespective of their financial situation.

However, with these improvements comes added expenditures. To continue our upward trajectory whilst keeping our subscriptions affordable for all, we are looking for your support.

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