Give to the Club Support Fund

Give to the Club Support Fund

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Students at Cambridge remain as competitive as ever, with the desire to push themselves intellectually, physically and mentally. Our challenge now is to make sure that future generations have the same opportunities.

The need for philanthropy 

The University of Cambridge invests nearly one million pounds in sport each year. Most of this goes towards a dedicated team helping students access and participate in sport, the upkeep of the University Sports Centre and the management of sports grounds at Fenners, Wilberforce Road and Grange Road.

Diminishing funding streams at the corporate and national levels have tightened club finances. To cope with the rising costs of facilities, coaching and equipment, clubs have had to increase student subscription fees by an average of 68% over the last 8 years.

Financial barriers both to the clubs and students directly impact levels of participation and the success of Sport at the University of Cambridge. There is also an emerging appetite for a broader and more diverse range of Sports clubs to accommodate a changing student demographic.

Students seeking membership or participation in a University sports club will be committed, hardworking, and talented. We want to ensure that all student-athletes can continue to pursue their goals at the highest level and to play sport alongside the very best.

Holly Tasker

Some colleges will pay 50% of all costs, some will pay up to £250, some just the full cost of a Blues Blazer (£200), others none. Hawks Awards help too. Subscriptions can be £400 for some sports, and for some students, this is just too expensive.

Holly Tasker, former Co-president of the Cambridge University Cricket Club

Funding Priorities

There are 3 key areas where increased funding would directly impact University Sports Clubs; all contributing towards building and developing a high performing, competitive, inclusive and successful team.


Removing barriers to participation for students who would otherwise not be able to join:

  • Bursary funding for subscriptions, match fees etc
  • Tailored support for disabled students (competition preparation, specialist coaching and equipment)


Helping our Sports Clubs achieve their potential in national student competitions and varsity matches:

  • Higher level coaching, central support network to develop skills, tactical awareness and team cohesion
  • Competition costs such as entry fees, transportation and accommodation
  • Strength and conditioning training to prevent injuries and improve physical conditioning in preparation for competition 

Team development

Providing a positive, safe and memorable experience for students:

  • Centralised training on topics such as nutrition, welfare, psychology, first aid, mental health awareness 
  • Reduced physiotherapy and sports massage costs  
  • Free Personal Injury Insurance cover  

Kosi Nwuba

In order to compete with our opposition in BUCS leagues, we need to be able to hire more coaching time for training during the week, and not worry about the cost of transport and to have better medical support for matches.

Kosi Nwuba, member of the Cambridge University Association Football Club

How to give

We invite you to invest in our Club Support Fund, a funding resource all sports clubs can apply for on a needs basis. The University Sports Service will review funding applications throughout each term and prioritise allocations for clubs demonstrating the most significant barriers to access, competition or team development.

Give to the Club Support Fund

You can also donate to our newly established University Sport Endowment fund. This fund holds and invests donations, fulfilling its purpose by preserving the capital of donations and maximising the income available for distribution. The support the Fund will provide will be critical to the success and sustainability of University Sport and to all of those students who seek to play Sport while at Cambridge. 

How we recognise your gift

Committed supporters to this vital programme would be acknowledged by:

  • Termly reports to update you on the impact of your donation 
  • Appropriate recognition in internal and external communications in relation to sport at Cambridge 
  • Annual thank you event to be hosted by the Director of Sport with other senior members and to be attended by key volunteers involved and benefiting from playing Sport at Cambridge 

Playing a team sport teaches important lessons: there is no substitute for hard work, how to be a valued member of a team, when to lead and when to follow and how to get the best out of yourself and your teammates. I am delighted to give back in order to encourage students to enjoy a sport or any physical activity to enhance their experience.

Andy Rubin (Trinity 1984), CUSWPC and member of the Alumni Advisory Board, Chairman, Pentland Brands PL

Make a donation

Thank you for considering supporting this programme and making a difference in the lives of our students. You can make a donation online, or to discuss further please contact: 

Derek Wilson

Head of Development — Sport, Music Performance, Clubs and Societies

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We are seeking the support of those who value sport to ensure future generations have the same opportunities. You can support a sports club directly or contribute to the Sports Club Support Fund, a funding resource distributed to clubs on a needs basis.