Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment Alumni Bursary Fund

Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment Alumni Bursary Fund

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The bursary fund helps students who would otherwise not be able to study the highly successful Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment Master's degree by making a contribution towards their course fees.

Since its inception in 1994, the IDBE Master’s programme has successfully encouraged and supported the integration of skills between specialists from different background disciplines to improve project design. This includes the collaboration between disciplines, as well as with clients and the supply side of the industry. From modest beginnings as the first part-time master’s at Cambridge it has gained international recognition as a leading master’s programme, delivering enhanced skills and creating future leaders in the built environment. For those who take it, it is typically transformational in terms of their strategic understanding of the built environment, and their knowledge and expertise in creating it. Many have gone on to enjoy greatly improved career prospects as leaders within their firms, or moved into a more specialised or strategic role, or enjoyed a sideways step into some new venture.

The initial funding to establish the course was generously donated by the Ove Arup Foundation, and a number of other organisations also contributed to its operating costs. Nevertheless, the course has always had to charge those who take it a fee that reflects the true cost of its delivery. This has, inevitably and unfortunately, stood as a barrier to a number of outstanding potential applicants.

Over the years a global network of colleagues and friends has developed through this shared transformational experience of the IDBE course. Prompted by the generous offers from recent alumni, and by our aims to provide education for students from all disciplines, nations and financial backgrounds, the Alumni Bursary Fund was set up to support students who are struggling to fund the course.

The IDBE Alumni Bursary scheme will go some way to reducing or removing the financial constraints for some of these applicants.

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