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Founded in 1976, Cambridge University Karate Club is one of the most successful sports clubs in the University, having won the annual Varsity match against Oxford for the 14th consecutive year in 2020.

The Club trains six times per week, with sessions covering kihon, kata and kumite, and with a mix of general and specialised sessions available to all levels. The Club has a strong track record at competition at regional, national and international level, with members regularly medalling at BUCS (formerly BUSA) and KUGB championships, and their achievements being recognised by the awarding of Blues and Half Blues.

CUKC is reliant on termly subscriptions of £60 from training members and a modest annual grant from the University of Cambridge Sport Service to cover the cost of instructors and training venues (including the University Sports Centre) and to subsidise competitions and gradings. This year, Sensei Bob Poynton, who has been CUKC’s grading examiner since the Club's inception, and who has also been a great friend of the Club throughout that time, sadly passed away. To commemorate Sensei Poynton’s association with CUKC, the Club is to purchase a new trophy, to be awarded annually to an ‘unsung hero’, the CUKC member whose dedication to training and to the Club is felt by the instructors and committee to warrant this recognition. This is to mirror the dedication that Sensei
Poynton has shown the Club for the past 44 years.

The trophy will be purchased using the initial proceeds from a new Sensei Bob Poynton Memorial Fund, to which you can make a gift using the link below. Additional contributions to the fund over and above the cost of the trophy will serve to subsidise Club members’ future competition expenses, in recognition of Sensei Poynton’s own remarkably long and successful competition career. The support and pride of CUKC’s alumni (or Old Karateka) has always been one of the Club’s great assets. Your continued support, through a regular or one-off donation to the Club, ensures that CUKC can remain financially sustainable and continue to go from strength to strength.

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You can help support the Karate Club by making a recurring, or one-off gift online. Please note that all donations made via the link below will be treated as contributions to the Sensei Bob Poynton Memorial Fund. If you are a UK taxpayer then the University is able to claim Gift Aid on your donation.

To discuss other philanthropic opportunities, please contact Derek Wilson.

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