Rugby League Football Club (CURLFC)

Rugby League Football Club (CURLFC)

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Founded in 1980, the Cambridge University Rugby League Football Club (CURLFC) has solidified its reputation as a distinguished sports institution within the university. As we reflect on more than four decades of athletic excellence, our commitment to the continued development of the sport remains unwavering.

With regular Wednesday competitions in our regional BUCS division, CURLFC actively engages in the spirit of sportsmanship and team play. Both our 1st and 2nd teams relish the challenge of facing our esteemed rivals from Oxford in the annual Varsity Match, held at the end of the Lent Term. Our recent victories, clinching the BUCS championship titles in 2022 and 2023, alongside triumphing in the 2023 Varsity Match, serve as testaments to our club’s upward trajectory.

Our vision extends beyond the playing field, with aspirations to be recognised as one of the fastest-growing sports accessible to Cambridge students. This vision is supported by our strategic player recruitment, comprehensive training, and experienced coaching, all of which contribute to the nurturing of talent within our ranks.

Yet, the journey to excellence requires substantial resources. The financial backbone of our club has traditionally been reliant on annual subscriptions from our dedicated players, covering essential expenses such as pitch hire, playing kit, coaching, and transportation. This financial model, however, poses a challenge, potentially limiting access for those with potential and passion for rugby league.

Herein lies the significance of your support. Alumni and philanthropic backing are pivotal in ensuring that CURLFC not only sustains its operations but thrives and expands, adhering to our ambitious yet sustainable growth plan. Your contributions play a crucial role in opening doors for aspiring athletes, breaking down financial barriers, and fostering an inclusive environment where talent flourishes.

We are pleased to inform our UK donors that their generosity is amplified through the Gift Aid initiative, allowing the club to reclaim 25p every time £1 is donated, all at no extra cost to the donor. This is facilitated via the University’s fundraising campaign, ensuring that your support directly contributes to the fortitude and success of CURLFC.

Join us in this journey of athletic excellence and community building. Together, we can propel CURLFC to new heights, shaping the future of rugby league at Cambridge and creating a legacy that endures for generations to come.

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