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Cambridge University Yacht Club prides itself both on its history of racing success and its accessibility to all members of this diverse sailing Club. Since the founding of the Club in 2004, students have seen regular success in the varsity match against Oxford and placed top three at the BUSA Yachting nationals. The Club has represented Cambridge at an international level in recent years, participating in the Student Yachting Nationals in 2015 and 2016, and winning the 2017 International Universities Regatta in Qingdao, China.

Our racing commitments are ever-expanding, and we need your help to help fulfil them. Owing to recent successes, the team has been invited to represent the University on the global stage. This upcoming season will see the team participate in the RORC offshore series and more international regattas.

Indeed, the team is also making a significant push to increase accessibility for students receiving bursaries. CUYC seeks for racing to be open: newly introduced training schemes and casual racing opportunities are aimed at novice racers to give them a flavour of the sport. As such, we cater for a range of interests and abilities within yacht racing. We thank you for helping make this possible.

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