Computer Science and Technology

Computer Science and Technology

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    Raspberry Pi — the Foundation was founded in November 2008 with support from the Department

The Department of Computer Science and Technology is internationally recognised as a pioneer, and continues to be a leader, in its subjects. The Department's staff has included two Turing Award winners, and fellows of the major science and engineering academies in both the UK and USA.

The Department, formerly called the Computer Laboratory, undertakes research in a broad range of subjects within the disciplines of computer science, engineering, technology and mathematics.

Current research areas include:

  • Algorithms and Complexity
  • Computer Architecture
  • Graphics, Vision and Imaging Science
  • Human-Centred Computing
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile Systems, Robotics and Automation
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Programming Languages, Semantics and Verification
  • Security  
  • Systems & Networking

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Opportunities (UROPs) are hugely valuable to students, enabling them to put theory into practice, develop valuable skills, and discover unexpected research interests and/or career paths. Since most research grants don’t cover undergraduates, we are always seeking funding so that we can offer more UROPs.

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To discuss your philanthropic goals or explore opportunities for collaborative investment, please contact:

Victoria Thompson

Head of Development — Technology

This opportunity is part of

Nanomaterials and spectroscopy research

The School of Technology is concerned with the development of new technologies and processes to improve the quality of life of society as a whole.

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Philanthropic giving is at the heart of the success of the Collegiate University, enabling us to make discoveries that change the world and to ensure that our students receive an unrivalled education. Cambridge owes its world-leading excellence in research and teaching to the generosity of its supporters. Our history is synonymous with a history of far-sighted benefaction, and the same is as true today as it has ever been.

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In a new project about to get underway in our Raspberry Pi Computing Education Research Centre, researchers will explore over time the impact of physical computing on children who are introduced to it at primary school.
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Nokia Bell Labs extends their support by providing flexible funding.
Dr Peter Ochieng
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Dr Peter Ochieng, a researcher in natural language processing and AI, has been appointed as the inaugural DeepMind Academic Fellow in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge.