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  • Nanomaterials and spectroscopy research
    Nanomaterials and spectroscopy research
  • Engineering: old iron tunnel to be made 'smart'
    Engineering: old iron tunnel to be made 'smart'

The School of Technology is concerned with the development of new technologies and processes to improve the quality of life of society as a whole.

It incorporates engineering, computer science and technology, chemical engineering and biotechnology, sustainability leadership and business and management. The school is responsible for such breakthroughs as the jet engine and the webcam and continues to push the boundaries of engineering and technological knowledge.

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Opportunities in 'Technology'

Cambridge Judge Business School
Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) works with students and organisations to identify important problems and questions and challenge people to find innovative answers.
The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) brings together leaders from business, policy and academia to gain fresh perspectives and to collaborate across traditional boundaries, helping develop solutions to address the complex social and environmental challenges our societies face.
The Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology has an outstanding reputation for interdisciplinary collaborations across the fields of chemistry, physics, mathematics, clinical medicine and biology.
The Department of Computer Science and Technology is internationally recognised as a pioneer, and continues to be a leader, in its subjects. The Department's staff has included two Turing Award winners, and fellows of the major science and engineering academies in both the UK and USA.
Holographic projector, Centre for Applied Photonics and Electronics
One of the largest and highest ranked such departments in the world, Cambridge's Department of Engineering is driving forward major projects on pivotal issues such as energy, cities, transport, healthcare and manufacturing.

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Alemtuzumab (trade name Campath-1H), licensed in 2013 for the treatment of multiple sclerosis
The University of Cambridge consists of over 100 departments, faculties, schools and institutes which house research and teaching communities. In addition, strategic research initiatives and networks build on areas of existing research strength by bringing together a critical mass of expertise from across the academic community.