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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

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The University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) is the oldest continuing education university department in the country. Our purpose at ICE is to provide accessible, flexible and meaningful education to adults throughout their lives, whether they’re studying for personal, social, societal or professional reasons.

Accessible and affordable forms of higher education have never been needed more as learners seek to engage with safe ways to study in order to renew skills to respond to emerging economic challenges or learn as part of a wider approach to personal enrichment and mental wellbeing.

We recognise that the costs of studying at University can be challenging and we are continually striving to remove or reduce this potential barrier to learning with us. If you would like to support our aim to prioritise and enable learning throughout life and to promote the widest possible access for learners to the University, you can do so by making a donation to the Institute.

Your donation will help to cover the cost of study for a student who couldn’t otherwise afford to do so, recruit and develop academic staff, and improve our facilities and grounds for students at Madingley Hall.

All gifts, large or small, are very gratefully received.

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Opportunities in 'Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)'

Students on a University of Cambridge International Summer Programme
In 2023, the Institute will be celebrating its 150th anniversary and the International Summer Programmes will reach their landmark 100th year.
Your contribution will enable the development of facilities, space and resources for students, providing them with an environment conducive to learning.
We are continually committed to repairing, restoring, improving and developing our gardens.
Madingley Hall, home of the Institute of Continuing Education
Your contribution will make it possible for us to promote opportunities to study at the Institute of Continuing Education to a broad range of adult learners and ensure that tuition fees are no longer a barrier to study.