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  • Museum of Zoology: Darwin's specimens from the Beagle
    Darwin's specimens from the Beagle

The Museum of Zoology is home to a huge variety of recent and fossil animals, including collections made by great naturalists of the past, rare and extinct animals like the skeleton of a Dodo from Mauritius and a superb skin of a Great Auk, and specimens important for scientific research today.

Raise the Whale

The museum of Zoology in Cambridge is seeking funds to 'raise the whale'. We are asking the public and corporate sponsors alike to help us raise the £150,000 needed to put our iconic 21m long Finback whale skeleton and other amazing specimens back on public display in time for our reopening in Summer 2016.

Our collections are in need of cleaning, conserving and remounting. Without your support, many of these specimens would deteriorate in storage. We want to display as many items as possible from our collections at their best, so the public may visit and marvel at the wonders of the animal kingdom for generations to come.

The most challenging specimen to remount is our 70ft Finback whale skeleton - the largest of its kind on public display in the world. Stranded in Pevensey, Sussex in 1865, the skeleton has been part of the Museum's collection since it was purchased by public subscription a year later. When the Museum closed for refurbishment in 2013, the whale was dismantled and placed in storage. We intend to place our Finback, the largest of its kind on public display in the world, centre-stage in its own whale hall in the refurbished building. The giant skeleton needs to be reassembled and suspended from the ceiling before it can provide a spectacular welcoming sight for the Museum's visitors.

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